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Fusion Camera

Track, Cross Country and Road Race

Timing Equipment

* High resolution Fusion photo finish camera

* Full Frame video Identilynx camera

* uGraph LED scoreboard display

* Timing computer for Finishlynx software

* Results computer for Hy-tek

* RunScore Cross Country and Road Race software

* Time Machine TX

IDL Camera

High Resolution images 1000 vertical pixels

High Speed frame rates up to 2000

Full Frame video for better identification in distance events and cross county.

Video export for posting to web

Trident RFID

Trident Legacy Mat.jpg
Trident Shoe tag.jpg

Trident RFID Hybrid Reader:

Ability to utilize the shoe tags or bib tags to meet your event needs.

Legacy 6 Meeter Mats

Shoe Tags - Bib Tags


Flying Feet Computers

Time Machine TX - Cross Country, Road Race and Track Options.

Time Machine TX and RunScore for fast, clean Cross Country Results.  

Microgate uGraph LED Scoreboard Display

Large font running time display

Standard Results Scripts

Customized Results scripts

Great visibility outdoors for finish line display

EN 6 Digit, 9" Race Clock

EN 6 Dig clock.jpg
EN 6 Dig Race Clock.jpg
EN 6 Dig Race Clock stand.jpg

RunScore Sample Reports

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