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Workout Routine & Drills

The Workout Drills Application allows the coach to customize a routine for athletes and easily edit it to fit the training needs.  Things like warm-up, stretches, mobility drills, technique drills, and core exercises can built into the training routine with a simple drop-down selection!

​*Drop-down selection: *Customize Exercises: *Customize Routines!

  • Build custom lists and training components using your terminology.   

  • Have an easily accessible list of drills, exercises and routines to incorporate.   

  • Save the hassle of typing and re-typing daily or weekly workout routines. 

  • Build a useful tool of knowledge for coaches and athletes to use.

After building the Workout Calculator I thought, why not build a tool for the overall workout routines.  I searched the web to see what type of things coaches were listing in their workouts.  I built a customizable table that allows the coach to build in their training components and have a available list of each part of the training components.

The Application runs using Microsoft EXCEL

  • Build a table of the key components of your training routines

  • Create an in depth list of each exercise or drill making up each training component.

  • Customize the daily or weekly routine for athletes with the use of a drop-down list.

  • Easily change the order of each training component to better fit the athletes training style.

  • When an event and division are selected from the dropdown lists the Time per Heat is automtically inserted from the new Data worksheet.

  • Minor adjustments can be made to the time schedule by adding small increments in minutes to any event in the schedule.

  • Easily add in a Break or Awards Ceremony as a line item and set the time desired.

  • Add or remove exercise or drills from the routine without having to re-type the whole routine.

  • Logos can be added to customize, by us or the user as they set up their meets during the season

*NOTE:  The App can also be adapted for use with Swimming.


Drills and Exercise categories can be listed in any order desired by selecting a new Category from a drop-down list.  The Drills or Exercises are linked to the category name and will populate under the proper category.  Select the specific drill or exercise and set the Sets and Reps if desired.

Workout Drills.JPG

Missouri Event Order.  Single list of events, finals only.

Nebraska Event Order with Officials break inserted into the meet.  Single List of events, finals only

These are just samples of schedules built with the application.  The Meet Director can edit the event names, the amount of Time Allowed per heat of each event.  There are cells which allow the Meet Director to make minor adjustments to the time scheduel for things like hurdle set up and breakdown or adjusting hurdles between races if needed.  They can add a line item for Break Time if desired, or for any special awards ceremony.

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