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Many schools have purchased a photo finish timing system and meet management software, but have not had adequate time to learn and utilize the timing system at home competitions.  The other issue is parents or students learned to operate the timing system initially and have moved or graduated and a new crew needs to be trained.  Don't let that timing system sit in a storage closet and deprive your athletic program of technology.


We can effectively train your timing crew and provide helpful technical guides for keeping your crew knowledgeable and troubleshooting when situations do occur.

Photo Finish Timing Training

Finishlynx photo finish hardware and software training:


On-site training reviewing camera, hardware, computer setup, facility connections and hands-on operation of the system.  Learn the Best Practices when setting up your timing equipment and connecting your network of equipment and computers.  Learn the Best Practices while operating your timing system and keeping your cmopetitions moving smoothly and efficiently.

Fieldlynx Event Training

Fieldlynx field event software:


On-site training setting up wireless or wired network for field event computers, operation of field event software and peripheral devices like laser, scoreboards and wind gauge.  Hands-on operation of software and hardware as well as, troubleshooting issues with the network or device connections.  Learn how to connect and operate the laser for long throws or connecte a scoreboard to improve our field event competitions.

Daktronics Stadium Scoreboard

Scoreboard setup and operation with Finishlynx and Fieldlynx:


On-site training setting up scoreboards to connect via serial connection and/or network connection with Finishlynx or Fieldlynx.  Understanding what can be output in scoreboard scripts and how to manage the data output on various display boards.

Resultv Display

Resultv scoreboard setup and operation:


Resultv can provide a computer screen for your announcer and display current start lists and results on the track or output the monitor display to a video board.  Using a scan converter the image can be output to television crews or televison monitors in the stadium if you have the proper connections.

Event Support

Do you have a large competition that sometimes just feels overwhelming and puts added stress on yourself and your timing crew?  Let AST come in and provide support at the event and help to keep things running as smoothly as possible.  We can work with you on improving your setup and take care of any technical situations that arise and let your crew concentrate on timing and getting results out.

Photo finish event support:


Do you need someone to lend a supporting hand to your timing crew and give them a little confidence as they work out the bugs?  There is a lot going on in the timing booth and keeping everything moving according to schedule, can be stressful.  Having someone that is proactive and keeping their eyes on all components helps minimize potential issues that may occur.  

Photo Finish Timing
Fieldlynx Event Support

Fieldlynx field event support:


Is manually entering field events a huge time constraint for your event staff?  Field events require a lot of officials and crew to run effectively.  Keeping these events flowing and on time and getting results out efficiently is important to the field events and the meet schedule.  

Resultv and scoreboard event support:


Does your stadium scoreboard not get out information effectively?  Scoreboard displays are an effective way to provide live results for spectators and athletes.  Using these displays effectively is important to keep your spectators aware of what is happening on the track and in the field events.  Many athletic facilities and stadiums have scoreboard displays connected and outputting data, but they don't always pay close attention to the information on the display and when it is being displayed.  Displays are expensive and you want to use them effectively and keep your spectaors and teams coming back event after event.

Daktronics Scoreboard Display
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