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ResulTV Scoreboard 

Resultv receives data from Finishlynx, Hy-tek, MeetPro, Fieldlynx and other track and field software.  The data is formated on another computer monitor by the Resultv software.  Resultv can be used as a display for the announcer to provide result information quickly or it can be sent to a Video Display board like Daktronics, Fairplay, etc. to provide live results within the stadium.

RTV Graceland.jpg

The software has default colors or custom graphics and colors can be added to support the school colors.  The size of the Video Board will determine the amount of information that can be displayed.

RTV Vanderbilt 2.jpg
RTV Indiana Wesleyan.jpg
RTV ISU 2.jpg
RTV Vanderbilt.jpg

Customized Message Layouts

The Message output from Finishlynx Scoreboard Options will allow custom messages to be created, whether it is for sponsors, a Thank You for workers and volunteers or putting a list of concession items for sale.

RTV Sponsors.jpg
RTV Officials.jpg

Contact Ascent Sports Technology if you are interested in more information about ResulTV and how it can add to your stadium and competitions.

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