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Ascent Sports Technology is here to provide a variety of services for your timing and event needs.  We can find an affordable solution to help you host a professional and quality event at your athletic facility.  Browse our information and contact us so that we can discuss your needs and work together and give the athletes and spectators what they deserve.

Etherlynx 2000 Plus


AST uses the Finishlynx photo finish hardware and software for timing events.  The line scan cameras we use can scan at rates of 1000 frames per second or faster, guaranteeing accurate and quality result images.  These results can be broadcast live to stadium scoreboards or finish line displays, giving your spectators live information.  We can meet your needs for efficient, accurate and reliable results.  Cross Country we can use the Time Machine TX, RunScore, Finishlynx or Trident RFID chip system for quality results.

Results Data
  Results Data


AST uses Hy-tek Meet Management software to provide clean, organized and accurate results for running events and field events.  Hard copies are printed for posting and announcing and a digital file is provided for the newspaper or posting to your web site.  Cross Country we can use RunScore or Hytek to generate results.

Galaxy Field Event Display


AST can work with you to interface with your stadium scoreboards as well as provide a finish line display with running time and results.  Athletes and spectators prefer to have instant knowledge of what is happening on the track.  Provide your spectators with the thrill of having these results live.

Calabar Photo Finish Timing Training


AST has interacted with a large number of individuals and timing service providers in the United States and Internationally.  Training and supporting timers from the beginner level to advanced has been a passion to better support the running industry.  Utilize our knowledge to train your timing crew to use the Best Practices for operating your Finishlynx system.  

Calabar Fieldlynx Laser Training
  Field Events


Data entry slowing you down getting results out to coaches and spectators efficiently.  Fieldlynx can help improve the field events by electronically transferring results and can even connect with scoreboard displays when available.  Having the results files electronically transferred to the database for the meet management software allows you to easily provide coaches with full field event series without any extra work.

Track and Field Stadium
  Event Support


Have a large invitational and just need that little extra bit of support to lower the stress level.  We can supervise your crew during setup and operation of the event and allow them to concentrate on keeping the event running smoothly.  Have a novice crew that needs someone to answer questions and help them improve their skills and confidence level.  Event Support is an excellent opportunity to ask questions and improve skills.  Learn how to be more efficient with your system and setup.

Track and Field Stadium
  Consulting - Track and Field Design/Construction


I have a second company that offers consulting services for the Design and Construction of athletic stadiums.  These services are more specific to the needs of track and field, but I address all aspects of the Athletic Stadium.  Items include the infrastructure for power and data, press box layout, and operation, track layout and striping, field event layout and specs, scoreboards.  There are a lot of questions that fail to get asked until after the stadium is used the first time and these fixes can sometimes cost thousands of dollars.  Visit my other site and see how I can help you design and build a better athletic facility. 

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