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Event Officials & Crew Staffing

This is a quick and simple tool to provide your meets with a printout of the Officials and Crew assignments for the upcoming track & field competition.

​*Dropdown selection: *Customizable Events!

  • Set up categories/events for meet staff assignments.

  • Create a list of staff for each category/event.   

  • Use drop-downs to select staff assignments for each category/event. 

  • Avoid hassle of re-typing and misspelled names. 

Keep your competitons moving smoothly.  Providing a list of assignments for Officials and Crew helps keep people on task and know their responsibilities.

The Application runs using Microsoft EXCEL

  • Create your own category/event names for staffing assignments.

  • If there are more than 6 staff needed for a category/event, it can be added again and list the additional entries.

  • Select the Officials and Crew names for each category/event they work using a drop-down.

  • Ability to designate staff role for each event.

  • No need to re-type, just select and print.

  • Maintain a list for each competition hosted


The printout would look similar to the image on the left and the Category/Events can be arranged in order desired.

The image below is the table of staffing by category/event to be used in the drop-down lists.

Staffing Table.JPG

The drop-down lists match the individuals listed by Event or Category in the Staffing Table.

Officials Drop List.jpg

This is just a sample of what the Officials Staffing would look like.  A custom layout and design can be created to fit the customer's needs.

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