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Athlete Itinerary

This is a quick and simple tool to provide your team and parents with a nice  athlete itinerary of the upcoming track & field competition.

​*Drop-down selection: *Customizable Events: *Customizable Order!

  • Simply enter your team roster on the data worksheet.   

  • Use drop-downs and select them from a list under each of their events.   

  • Avoid the hassle of re-typing and misspelled names. 

  • Use drop-downs to list entries for each event. 

This was a simple idea I had to help promote track & field and provide parents and athletes with a clean and concise listing of all meet entries.  Parents will easily know who is competing where and the order of the events.

The Application runs using Microsoft EXCEL

  • Enter your Team Roster one time and they become part of drop-down lists.  

  • Event names can be customized by the user.

  • List the Athlete names under each event they compete in using a drop-down (including Relays).

  • If there are more than 5 entries in an event, it can be added again below and list the additional entries.

  • Event order is up to the user.

  • Athlete names are automatically truncated to first initial and last name.

  • The font can be changed with the click of a button.  (fonts options are limited to those of a similar size)

*NOTE:  The App can also be adapted for use with Swimming.

Athlete Itinerary.JPG

The printout would look similar to the image on the left and the user can customize the images in the Header and text along the borders.

Itinerary Drop List.jpg

Entries are selected by a drop-down list specific to each event.  The athletes are then listed in the Printout as a comma delimited list.

Ath Itinerary Data.JPG

The image to the left is the table that is built by the user with the athlete roster.  Enter your athlete roster by first and Last name and the Merge Name is created automatically to provide First Initial and Last Name.  Use drop-downs to enter athlete under all their events and avoid typos and misspelled names.

This is just a sample of what the Athlete Itinerary can look like.  A custom layout and design can be created to fit the customer's needs.

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