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Track & Field Certificate

The Track & Field Certificate was built to provide the hard-working athletes with a nice memory of their accomplishments each season.

​*Drop-down selection: *Customizable Awards/Honors: *Season Performance Table!

  • Let your athletes walk away each season with a nice memory of their accomplishments.   

  • Use the table as a tool to keep track of each season's performance for your team.   

  • Certificate for Track, Field, Multis and a Mixture of events.

I had noticed a lot of coaches looking for certificate ideas for their awards banquet.  I decided to make an easy tool that allows a coach to sum up the season's performances with an attractive certificate and make it easy to use.

The Application runs using Microsoft EXCEL

  • Keep a detailed record in an expansive table of each athlete's best performance each season.  

  • If certain pieces of information are not used, they can easily be blanked out so the printout is nice and clean for all athletes.

  • The information displayed in the Certificate is all linked to the Athlete's name.

  • Eliminate typing errors or accidental misspellings on the certificate.

  • The coach can drop in their own clip-art if desired.

  • The font can be changed with a click of a button, but there are only a few select fonts that are similar in size and won't destroy the layout.

  • The terms used can be customized by the coach or arranged in a different order.

Cert Track.JPG
  • ​​Enter school name, mascot, or desired information at the top. 

  • Enter the Year on the right.

  • Click the drop-down for Athlete Name and select the desired athlete and the information below will fill in automatically.

  • Blank out any lines not being used.

  • Information titles displayed are selected from drop-down lists.

  • Font can be changed with limited selections at the click of a button.

Certificate Options

Field Events Only - If an athlete only competes in Field Events, use this version to capture their accomplishments.

Decathlon & Heptathlon - If an athlete competes in the Multis, use this version to capture their accomplishments.

Cert Field.JPG
Cert Multi.JPG

Pace and Athlete List

Meet Pace - the pace of each race will autimatically be calculated based on time and course distance.

Athlete List - this worksheet allows the coach to generate a Team list by Sex or by Class.

These are just samples of the tools that can be utilized by the coach to document the athlete's performance each season and give the athletes a record of each season.

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