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  • Jeff Feeney

Timing Combined Gender Races

Updated: Oct 19, 2019

Finishlynx software makes it easy for event directors to save time with small heats of the longer distance races and combine them on the track. The Finishlynx operator still treats each race as an individual event for the results files but can save time by running them together. The software allows you to keep the same finish line image available and simply load multiple start lists to associate with the finish line image. The key factor is to be able to identify the individuals in the race and assign them to the correct event based on hip number, uniform or some unique marking. That is left up to the event director and his crew to decide on the method.

The next item that is helpful to the photo finish operator is adding a few additional markings on the finish line. Painting the 5 cm x 5 cm intersection point between the lane lines and finish line a flat black will help separate the lanes in the computer image. By painting these squares black, they will appear as a dark line against the white finish line and thereby help the operator to determine lanes 1 through 8 (hip numbers are definitely the best option) as the runners are scanned crossing the finish line. Some individuals like to use tape for the black squares but I feel that paint is more permanent and tape can get stuck on someones spikes or won't stick if the surface is wet when setting up for the competition.

**Note - black shoe polish in the dab on bottles works as a great way to touch up the black squares if they don't get painted before the competition day.

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